We exist to help organisations adapt and thrive in the digital world. We architect digital advantage, viability and agility.

We do this by staying neutral. We don’t sell or promote any one technology. We aren’t developers or implementors. We don’t push billable hours. We are strategic architects, navigators, advisors, mentors. We work strictly in the interest of our clients.

Digital Transformation means you’re on the brink, in a precarious place. Most organisations aren’t. We find there are three elements to Digital Transformation, depending on where your business is: Renewal, Adaptation or Evolution. We believe most news media, small businesses and non-profits just need to adapt.
Our focus is helping clients architect their adaptation to the digital future. From Artificial Intelligence and robotics to blockchain, analytics and infonomics. We cut through the hype and bullshit to what’s real and meaningful.
We’re deeply experienced, passionate and boutique. We prefer working with small to mid-size organizations at affordable rates in an agile, practical and meaningful way.
We are not software developers, integrators or solutions vendors. We are business architects, sherpas, navigators, trusted advisors, mentors, collaborators. Being vendor and solution agnostic means we work in your favour.

Our practice areas are;

  • Digital Business Evolution for News Media Companies
  • Netnography Research
  • Financial restructuring for news media and small to medium sized businesses
  • Data Breach Coaching & Preparedness (Cyber Resiliency Blueprint)
  • Software and Technology Selection (we are vendor neutral)
  • Digital business model development and “Digital Transformation” (Digital Adaptation)
  • Data Journalism implementation & training
  • Content & Data Monetization (infonomics)

We combine design thinking, behavioural economics, digital anthropology and advanced analytics knowledge with deep media industry experience with knowledge in the traditional (analog) and digital worlds.

We are pragmatic, dogged and inherently disruptive. So you can adapt faster.