You have to understand people to design solutions for them. Our phygital (physical/digital) world demands new approaches to solving problems.

We work with bold organisations  that want to evolve by design to navigate the digital age.

We are NOT coders, we don’t sell hardware or software. We are navigators of the digital age. We understand technology and how business, government and non-profits can navigate effectively and avoid mistakes. From a people-centric perspective.

As technology is becoming more prevalent, more integrated in people’s work and daily lives, it is also becoming increasingly invisible. Organizations have incredibly exciting new ways to drive revenues and increase profits. 

Leading with design thinking and digital anthropology, we work with growth oriented organizations to find a path forward in a faster and increasingly complex world.

Netnographic Research
Following in the footsteps of the ethnographic methodology of ethnography, we use netnography to research and understand online cultures and communities. This form of digital research can be invaluable for organizations. From brand analysis and competitive intelligence to identifying new markets and understanding diaspora communities.

All Information Technology does is move information, it does not make decisions. Humans do.

We often collaborate with:

  • Magazine publishers (sometimes newspapers)
  • Urban design and architectural firms
  • Organisations seeking digital transformations
  • Branding agencies
  • Public Relations firms
  • Technology development companies (proto-typing and early stage manufacturing)
  • Advertising agencies


Design thinking anthropology