You have to understand people to design solutions for them. Our phygital (physical/digital) world demands new approaches to solving business problems.

At Ekspansiv we bring to bear a unique combination of design anthropology, digital behavioural economics, netnography and systems thinking to solve wicked problems that are known and not known. Through all of this we use agile methodologies to reduce time and move swiftly.
Today, many organizations use technology in ways that actually alienate their customers, donors and the citizens they intend to deliver services to. The result is actually less sales, decreased brand loyalty and costlier customer service. A human-centred approach combined with agile methodologies can solve this conundrum faster and more cost-effectively.

All Information Technology does is move information, it does not make decisions. Humans do.

Our practice areas include:

  • Netnographic research (learn more here)
  • Helping technology & product startups launch a better product for humans
  • Marketing automation from a human perspective
  • SaaS Product design
  • Designing media products
  • Human-Centred problem solving
  • Digital Transformation support
  • Data Governance and Privacy by Design
  • Building human-focused customer service
  • Customer journey experience

We often collaborate with:

  • Urban design and architectural firms
  • Branding agencies
  • Public Relations firms
  • Technology development companies (proto-typing and early stage manufacturing)
  • Advertising agencies