We help organizations navigate and thrive in the digital world while solving wicked business problems.

Our key advantage for you? we are solution neutral. We don’t sell software or hardware and we don’t do software development. So we don’t try to push clients into a pre-determined solution.

Digital Adaptation
We now live in a “Phygital” world…where digital and physical have become mutually dependent. The word “transformation” is a negative and it’s scary. Most organizations don’t need to transform, they just need to adapt. It’s why we call ourselves digital adaptation architects.
Netnographic Research
We go far beyond the basic data of social media monitoring tools to deliver deep, contextual and meaningful insights that provide game-changing insights. The kind that give creative directors those “a ha” moments, show public relations professionals how to truly engage in dialogue and brands find ways to increase revenues.

Our unique approach brings together digital anthropology, design thinking and systems thinking. We work at the intersection of humans, technology and society.

We also provide Fractional CIO (Chief Information Officer) services for small to medium sized organizations that need the strategic and business knowledge and experience of a CIO, but not necessarily a full-time one.