We help small to mid-size publishers and news media organizations build the capability and capacities to transform into more vibrant versions of themselves—so they can evolve with purpose, and have a positive impact in the world through digital and print.

For publishers, we bring to bear our knowledge of digital audience growth hacking, marketing, circulation, data journalism, building digital newsrooms and digital transformation best practices for news media. We work largely with small to mid-size publishers in mid-markets.
We work agile. That means nimble and sure-footed. You don’t have money to waste, nor time. Our work is based on the Lean Canvas model and agile methodologies…not massive spreadsheets, 200 page reports and slide decks that send people into a coma.
Developing strategies for the publishing and news media world is no small task. We bring our deep strategy knowledge to bear for most any corporation, including startups. Are you ready to play hardball? Or do you want to let your competitors own the market?
We are not software developers, integrators or solutions vendors. We are digital business architects, strategists, navigators, trusted advisors, mentors, collaborators. Being vendor and solution agnostic means we work in your favour.

Our practice areas are;

  • Digital Business Evolution for News Media Companies & publishers
  • Netnography Research
  • Strategy
  • Financial restructuring for publishers and startups
  • Data Breach Coaching & Preparedness
  • Software and Technology Selection (we are vendor neutral)
  • Data Journalism implementation & training
  • Content & Data Monetization (infonomics)
  • Bringing new technologies to market
  • Evaluating CMS’ for newspapers and magazines
  • Production workflow analysis and development (digital and pre-press)
  • Pre-commercialization and international marketing for startups