We help organizations transform and adapt to the digital age from a human-first perspective.

NOTE: We have changed our brand name from EKSPANSIV to sapient.d. Changes may take time to evolve.

We now live in a Phygital world…where digital and physical have become mutually dependent.

Now, organizations have incredibly exciting new ways to drive revenues and increase profits. If they do it right.

Leading with design thinking and digital anthropology, we work with growth oriented organizations to find a path forward in a faster and increasingly complex world. All from a human-centric framework.

Netnographic Research
Following in the footsteps of the ethnographic methodology of ethnography, we use netnography to research and understand online cultures and communities. This form of digital research can be invaluable for organizations. From brand analysis and competitive intelligence to identifying new markets and understanding diaspora communities.

All Information Technology does is move information, it does not make decisions. Humans do.