Our focus is on the operational side of marketing and sales. From MarTech to SalesTech and Marketing Operations. There are thousands of tools for inbound marketing, analytics, social media monitoring, collaboration, sales force automation and so on. But what’s the right mix? We don’t resell any one solution, nor do we do implementations. We are neutral, working strictly and only, in our clients favour.

Services we offer include;

  • MarTech Stack reviews, app selection and decommissioning
  • SalesTech Stack reviews, selection and decommissioning
  • Marketing Operations Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Team & Strategy Alignment
  • Marketing Workflow Improvement
  • Independent Selection of MarTech & SalesTech apps and enterprise solutions
  • Architecting your Marketing Lab & Marketing Innovation System
  • Audit of Cloud Based Marketing and/or Sales automation services
  • Infonomics (data monetization) strategy