Practice Areas

In addition to the practice areas we outline below, we can provide a range of consulting relating to marketing and sales operations.

MarTech & SalesTech Advisory
We do not resell or support any MarTech or SalesTech apps or services. We are solution agnostic. Thus we can provide completely neutral advice from selection to analysis, RFP development and audits. Whether your looking to build-out, reduce or streamline your MarTech or SalesTech services.

Building Innovation & Experimentation Marketing Labs
Marketing departments can get bogged down in process and stuck in formulas. Fortunately, with today’s technologies, rapid development and agile DevOps processes, there’s a powerful way to build low-risk, high-reward experimentation methodologies to marketing. We help you build a labs, testing, experimentation and rapid deployment methodology. We customize it to your particular company and industry so it works within your culture and is widely adopted.

Sales and Marketing Team Alignment
When sales and marketing teams are working together, amazing things happen. Blame games stop and revenues increase. Today, it’s about blending the right mix of tools to support collaboration coupled with a cultural mindset.

Marketing Operations
Over time, marketing departments, especially in the enterprise, can get bogged down with complex processes and a Gordian knot of tools and apps. For CMO’s and VP’s, it can be a challenge to see the forest for the trees. With our deep understanding of marketing process, technology and how people and technology come together, we can breathe some fresh air into your marketing operations.

MarTech and SalesTech Audits and Selection
We’ve helped clients reduce their MarTech and SalesTech costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, improve efficiencies and boost morale. We can conduct audits/inventories of your technology stack and then advise on where and how to make improvements. We collaborate closely and the end result is insights your can actually implement.

Completely, Utterly and Defiantly Neutral
We’ve made a very conscious choice to not be a reseller or integration specialist for any MarTech or SalesTech tools, apps or services. We believe this is the only way in which we can provide fully independent advice in favour of the client.