In addition to the industries we outline below, we can provide a range of consulting relating to digital marketing, sales management and ┬ábusiness models. We’ve been through the analog world into the digital world. We’ll help you find new advantages and opportunities to grow.

Digital Business Model Evolution

  • Digital Business Model Development
  • Content Analysis and Evaluations
  • Evaluation and guidance on CRM software and solutions
  • Workflow Assessments and Improvements (marketing and sales)
  • Growth Strategies to Align Analog & Digital Models
  • Content Re-Packaging for Digital Channels
  • Brand Guidance & Development
  • Building a “Digital First” approach for news media publications
  • Crowdfunding Programs & Ownership Structuring

Marketing Management & Operations

  • Bringing sales and marketing together to perform
  • Assessment and procurement of marketing technologies
  • Marketing Operations
  • Bringing marketing across the organisation
  • Optimizing Marketing Team Performance
  • Digital Product Analysis and Development

Future Proofing | Digital Strategy

  • Preparing for Artificial Intelligence
  • Advisory on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Developing a Data Analytics Program
  • Planning for the DWeb (Decentralized Web)

Market & Custom Research (Netnography)

  • Digital Competitor Analysis
  • Online product and consumer insights
  • Brand Insights

Digital and New Revenue Opportunities

  • Infonomics (data monetization) strategies
  • API and Partner Selections for digital opportunities
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Interim CIO or CDO services