The hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all industries from news media to social media to manufacturing would have you believe that a year from now you lay off your entire workforce and let an AI run everything. Except we all know that’s not true.

While there have been significant advances in AI and there are some amazing companies doing impressive things and even the New York Times is using AI to help write sports stories, AI is still in its infancy.

Where we help:

  • Understand where AI can actually help in your business model for competitive advantage.
  • Evaluate proposals from AI companies to ensure you’re not buying snake oil.
  • Ensure you understand the ethical risks of an AI deployment
  • Avoid potential litigation risks
  • Avoid PR disasters
  • Develop strategies to bring employees on board
  • Educate your board of directors
  • Develop RFPs and calls for proposals
  • Interface between IT and other departments to develop requirements