All levels of government today are working towards bringing improved services to citizens. From business registration to various types of permits and navigating government departments.  This means connecting with humans. This is where the challenges come in.

IT solutions firms are excellent in what they do and government IT departments are as well. The challenge often arises at actually understanding how the citizens will or are, using the technology solution. We work with software vendors, governments and stakeholders to help ensure a good human connection, inclusivity and diversity are met and systems are designed in a human-centred approach.

Digital Anthropology and Systems Thinking Services for Government

  • Project scoping prior to RFP’s and RFP review assistance
  • Analysis and review of solutions that are facing challenges
  • Digital Transformation guidance
  • Smart City initiatives & citizen engagement through digital media
  • Working with IT solutions vendors on solution design
  • Ensuring inclusivity and diversity through human-centred design
  • Post-solution launch analysis
  • Developing experimentation groups within and across departments
  • Guidance on emerging technologies; Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain etc.
  • Netnographic research prior to scoping and after research (monitoring & evaluation)
  • Ethnographic research in early stage design (stakeholders and citizens)
  • Systems design and review
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