Not matter what you think about your organization, no matter how much you think your business is not a target of hackers, you will be hacked. No matter how small your company or organisation. You will be hacked. Scare mongering? Not at all.

We’ve worked with non-profits that serve small regions in Canada and the United States that have been hacked and data stolen. We’ve worked with newspapers, small magazine publishers and large corporations.

A Data Breach Coach
We are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice. But few law firms have data breach experience. You will need a law firm. Our job is to help determine the extent and damage and help mitigate risks and reduce public exposure so you can recover.

Pre-Breach Readiness (pre-breach)
Truly, the best time to retain us. We have a comprehensive package to help you understand vulnerabilities, risks and cost-effective ways to protect your organizations data. We do NOT sell or promote any software or solution provider. We are completely neutral. We can help you find the right company to fit your budget if needed.

  • Vulnerabilities analysis
  • Risk mitigation planning
  • Breach Communications Plan
  • Strategic Recommendations

Data Breach Coaching Services (post-breach)
In the case of a data breach, we’re the calm in the storm. We help assess the damage, do some digging to determine the extent of the damage (i.e. data being sold on the Dark Web), work with your Public Relations team or agency on messaging, develop risk and exposure mitigation and align with your legal team.

  • Develop incidence response plans
  • Documentation Management (for legal teams)
  • Develop consumer programs (for larger scale breaches of consumer data)
  • Dark Web Analysis
  • Manage Post-Breach Investigation
  • Notification Response Plans
  • Identify and Develop Contractor Plans