Startups have awesome ideas for products and services that solve problems. Especially technology startups. Aside from raising capital as a big challenge, it’s bringing that solution to market. We’ve seen a lot of products over the years, from SaaS to IoT devices and interesting hardware devices. ¬†For many, they are brilliant, but lack an understanding of humans and how they actually use products. That’s where we come in; to help you make sure humans will actually find value in your solution, so you can drive revenues.

Digital anthropology is about connecting humans with products in meaningful ways. The result is a better initial launch, bringing focus to the product and avoiding over-building and lower cost to market.

Startup Services

  • Netnographic research for market & product analysis and validation
  • Ethnographic research for product validation
  • Alpha and Beta product reviews
  • Product development collaboration
  • Independent product analysis and reviews

We often collaborate very closely with UX/UI designers, graphic designers, marketers, brand agencies and manufacturers. In fact, we work best when integrating with teams, no matter the stage of development.

We rarely work with a startup at the earliest stage as we need to eat and pay mortgages as well. If you’re funded to some degree, we can work something out. Most often, we are brought in just prior to launch in the beta phase when some funding has been secured or when changes need to be made to the product.

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