Infonomics is the monetization of data. Whether it be out-licensing raw data from machines or IoT devices and manufacturing equipment or marketing data. Any type of data can be monetized.

The challenge is developing the right business model for in/out licensing, identifying buyers and ensuring profitability. This is where we come in.

We’ve helped an elevator manufacturer source HVAC data from over 600 buildings across Canada and the USA for R&D work with Big Data. We helped a major farm equipment company negotiate with large agricultural producers for data in-licensing.

Infonomics strategies can help companies add whole new revenue lines to the bottom line, improve valuations and improve the general ledger.

Infonomics Consulting:

  • In-Out Licensing models
  • Data Valuations for M&A activities
  • Data Value analysis for due diligence
  • Confidential data set acquisitions for research
  • Negotiation of in/out licensing term agreements
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