There are always questions that need to be answered. There’s always that little bit more that you wish you knew. But most research is expensive because it takes a lot of time. There’s an option. It’s called netnography and it’s about the research and analysis of digital channels. Collecting and analysing publicly available information and finding key insights that can inform strategy, public affairs issues and public policy.

Our digital insights practice is based on the anthropological methodology known as Netnography, or using the internet and related digital channels to gain insights.

Note: All the data and information we collect is publicly available. We work from a strict ethical process and as we are based in Canada we abide by Canadian federal privacy laws and we are GDPR compliant. We do NOT work with political parties or organisations or religious groups or organisations. We never have, we never will.

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The benefits of netnographic research:
Netnographic research doesn’t replace traditional research methods; they are still an important mix in the research process. Instead, it often complements traditional approaches adding a deeper, more contextual level of insight to aid in human-centred decision making.

  • Faster than traditional surveys
  • Lower cost
  • Enables deeper questioning
  • More flexible in design
  • Can address complex issues and queries

Digital Research for Organisations:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Public policy insights
  • Public relations crisis analysis
  • Brand and reputation analysis
  • Market & Audience insights
  • Digital TAM (Total Addressable Market) modelling
  • Export market research
  • Post and pre product launch insights
  • Highly localized or global depending on needs
  • Due diligence for M&A activities
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