Infonomics is about turning data into financial gain. No matter what industry you are in, you have data that can be monetized to provide new revenue streams and increase the valuation of your business. Your exhaust data and captured dat can be use for machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) projects, data mining, neural network training and more.

We have experience in finding opportunities for news media companies, manufacturers and governments to out-licence their data for new revenue opportunities. Without having to create new data. Why not discover new revenue opportunities?

Infonomics Consulting for Business

  • Newspapers: monetizing old content and obituaries
  • Manufacturers: out-license SCADA data and other data for AI researchers
  • Due diligence data valuations
  • Develop out-licensing strategies for academia, government and other industries.
  • Data Governance Advisory
  • Data Valuations for insurance sector
  • Data valuations for mergers and acquisitions to increase the value of your company