For software companies, these are exciting times. For the most part, hardware has plateaued. For laptops, tablets, desktops and smartphones, annual updates are minimal, focusing on storage capacity, processing power and displays. Then there’s that move to more cloud-focused applications. All of which means software finally has an opportunity to truly become much, much better. Toss in the growth of the API economy and well, it’s recipe for success…and potential disaster.

Consumers and B2B clients are increasingly demanding better designed products. UX/UI designers are worth their weight in gold, for good reason.

But aside from the need to interconnect with multiple platforms and services and have excellent UX/UI design, the human factor is increasingly coming into play. That’s where we come in.

How we help software companies;

  • Ethnographic research to uncover insights
  • Cultural and ritual analysis
  • Pricing analysis (price elasticity)
  • Competitor analysis through netnographic research
  • beta market testing

We often work very closely with UX/UI designers and development teams. We’re used to working in agile environments because it’s also how we work. We slide in nicely with tools like Assana, Trello, Slack, Monday and well…whatever. We love to collaborate.

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