There are over 10 billion devices on our planet and they’re growing every day. This is the Internet-of-Things. From connected homes and offices to industrial devices. IoT is a complex interrelationship between people, objects and the internet.

The market is still however, in its early stages. This is especially so in regards to consumer products. Growth is happening thanks to devices like Alexa, Google Home and the Apple HomePod.

The challenge for IoT device makers, is truly understanding humans and building devices that fit in with various cultures and rituals. That’s where we come in.

Design anthropology services for IoT device makers

  • Ethnographic studies for pre-product and post-product phases
  • Netnographic research into online consumer behaviours
  • Behavioural economic and design anthropology in early stage design
  • Collaboration with engineers, designers (UX/UI) and manufacturers in product development
  • Market research through netnographic study
  • Ethical and inclusive design considerations
  • Human-centred design analysis and verification
  • Privacy by design
  • Inform marketing and communication strategy


We often collaborate with manufacturers, product managers, designers and contract manufacturers. Our work is highly collaborative in nature and can be highly informative to business models and marketing strategies.

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