Unlike pretty much all technology consulting firms, we’re not all about maximizing billing hours. Nor do we sell or promote any software services or hardware. We don’t do software development either. This means we are solution neutral and we work strictly in the interests of our clients. That way you know when we provide advice or guidance, it is entirely to your benefit. For small to medium sized businesses that need the senior executive knowledge and capabilities of a CIO but on a project or service basis, we’ve developed some fixed-price packages. These are designed for organisations with 15 to 250 people. Over that, we can still provide packaged services, but prices will increase….hey, it means more work to be done!

COVID19 Pandemic Policies: We are fully capable of delivering these packages working remotely. We work regularly with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. We will work within your policy framework as regards in-person meetings.

Digital Governance Blueprint
As of November 2018, any Canadian organisation, no matter how small or big, must report a data breach within six (6) months of finding it. A failure to do so can result in a fine up to $100,000 and yes, board directors are also liable. This service package looks at your cybersecurity, corporate by-laws, HR policies regarding social media and technology usage, insurance coverage and more. When (not “if” anymore) you are breached, you will be ready with a plan of action and knowing you’ve prepared for the worst. Investment: $2,350.

Technology Assessment & Audit
This is designed for businesses between 25 and 250 people. Chances are, your organisation is paying for software apps or even hardware that you no longer use or need. Or you have legacy IT systems such as databases and software that poses significant risk to your business. We will assess the state of your IT infrastructure, services and systems. We provide you with a comprehensive report so you know what you can let go of, what is mission critical to update and where to spend capex budgets and more. This a risk mitigation investment at $1,950.

Marketing & Sales Technology Selection
From CRM’s to social media management tools, web analytics and more, marketing and sales automation tools are incredibly helpful. Finding the right one for your particular business model can be a challenge. We will help you by assessing and understanding your business model, marketing strategy and needs and sales process. If you have existing tools in place, we’ll review them and understand if they can work with other tools, or maybe just need some tweaks and you may not need new solutions. Investment: $2,750.

Solution Research and Purchase Negotiation
You know you need a new IT solution, perhaps a switch from Microsoft365 to Google Workplaces or a new CRM or project management software and so on. we can help do the research to determine the best solution for your needs. We provide recommendations and explain the risks, upsides and downsides. We can identify who can provide the solution, write RFP’s and help in the selection and negotiation process (if needed but not for fixed price SaaS solutions.) Investment: $2,500 to $4,500 dependent on complexity.

IT Services Vendor Selection
Looking to switch your IT services provider or you’ve reached that stage of growth where you need one? We can help you find the right provider to meet your needs, review contracts to ensure you’re getting a fair deal for your needs and business size and review SLA’s (Service Level Agreements.) Investment: $1,700

IT Personnel Hiring Program
Need a new manager our director of IT? Or hiring one or two people to fill out your IT team or just maybe one person? With this package, we’ll help with writing the job description, job ad content, resume review and screening and assist with up to 4 interviews with recommendations. Investment: $1,500.

Have a different challenge or need? Contact us to discuss how we can help. All projects are fixed price agreed upon through a Scope of Work. No hidden fees and no skyrocketing billable hours.

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