Many small businesses would like to have the skills and knowledge of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) but don’t need one on a full-time basis. Yet having a CIO can assure small to medium sized businesses that they have someone on their side when considering new IT services and solutions when they’re unsure of which direction they should take . Or perhaps they need to know their IT is working for them the way it should. There are a number of reasons a CIO brings added value. So we’ve developed some options for a fractional CIO, much like a fractional CFO or senior HR professional.

Key Advantages to a Fractional CIO Include;

  • Lower hourly rates
  • The CIO is able to build a working relationship with employees, especially IT personnel
  • There’s a guarantee of priority access when issues arise or guidance is sought
  • Thinking digital is a core part of strategy today, this way you ensure digital is considered with strategic planning initiatives.
  • A neutral partner that isn’t trying to sell you on any given solution

A retainer option gives you a member of the senior management team without the full time cost.

On-Call Service: $480./mo
This option allows for unlimited calls or video meets and emails to address a problem or challenge or simply seek advice on an issue at hand.

IT Team Coaching: $750./mo (minimum 6 months)
For businesses with two or more IT staff who want their IT people to be more collaborative with others in the company and help them develop their interpersonal communications and collaboration skills.

Ongoing CIO Retainer Fee Schedule
If you need more than just a call or email here and there, such as strategic planning, building out a collaborative IT model, implementing agile methodologies and working on a digital transformation, we can offer fractional time service as follows;

  • Up to 10 hours per month: $1,200.
  • Up to 25 hours per month: $2,500.
  • Up to 40 hours per month: $3,500.

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