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Giles Crouch, MM – Chief Strategy Officer, CIO & Managing Partner |
Infonomics, business models, digital anthropology (netnography), Strategy, Marketing Communications, Virtual-CIO

Giles is a polymath. His primary skill sets and experience are in digital behavioural economics, marketing communications and digital anthropology (netnography).

He has been deeply embedded in the technology world since the early 1990’s, bringing several new technologies to markets around the world. He’s been through four startups and worked as CMO and CIO at the senior management level with private and public companies. His work as a digital anthropologist and netnographist has seen him involved with over 200 digital research projects for global clients. Giles co-founded the Ice Awards for creative in advertising in Atlantic Canada in 2001. He’s been featured in Wired Magazine and is regularly interviewed by news media. He has lectured at universities around the world, including Kings University School of Journalism and been a featured speaker at national conferences across North America.

Kevin Colvey, MBA – Managing Partner |
Restructuring, Financials, Capital Raising, Business Models, Financial Engineering
Bringing over 25 years of developing complex international financial projects and SME enterprise investment programs, Kevin understands structuring complex financial agreements. An astute financial mind, Kevin helps ensure marketing ROI and metrics are aligned with corporate strategy. A consummate negotiator and ability to move the needle forward, Kevin is highly regarded for his global experience and ability to negotiate complex business agreements.

Kevin helped a major Canadian newspaper company restructure and prepare for the complex world we operate in. He’s worked across the energy sector and with breweries and manufacturers.

Martin Seto, B. Comm, CAAP – Principal Consultant |
Digital advertising models, content distribution, revenue models
Martin has been around since (actually before) the internet was just a dial-up service using a phone modem with a connection to AOL. He is one part geek, one part creative ad guy and lastly part publisher, the classic creative gemini. He has witnessed the growth of the digital ecosystem we live in today and has even chronicled some of this on his blog on Masthead.ca. Lately, he has be producing the Canadian Online Publishing Awards that has become a badge of honour for winners in Canada.  He has expertise in traditional and digital media and has developed ad revenue programs for his publishing clients based on understanding what the advertiser wants and sometimes don’’t know what they want too.  Martin has spoken at magazine conferences on ad revenue models and has worked with over 50 magazine titles in Canada in the launch of digital editions, apps and websites. One of his career highlights was In 1998 when he worked with corporate and media sponsors for Team Canada for the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia where got to go to a dinner with Prince Edward on the guest list.

In addition to a Bachelors of Commerce and Finance from the University of Toronto that he got in 1983, he has a Certified Ad Agency Practitioners Diploma (CAAP) that he received in 1986 too. He even had  stints as an Advertising instructor at Centennial College in 1999 and Humber College in 2010/11.


Elizabeth Colbraith, MA – Principal Consultant |
Content, Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy
With over thirty years in the magazine publishing world, Elizabeth understands content and how it can be leveraged. Intensely curious, ‘Beth was intensely curious about the opportunities of the internet. She’s helped print magazine publishers understand how to leverage the digital world without sacrificing their brand. She prefers the quiet of the background and working behind the scenes. Her wit and brilliant mind is aspirational.

Todd Williams, B. Comm – Principal Consultant |
Market Research, Business Models, Strategy
A curious mind, a brain for numbers and a wry sense of humour with over 20 years experience in industrial, technology and CPG markets, Todd is brilliant. He questions the data and digs deep. Todd helps advise clients on developing data driven strategies.