Many small to medium sized organizations would like to have the benefit of a seasoned Chief Information Officer (CIO) but it doesn’t make financial sense as a full-time role. That’s where we come in. We work on your behalf as we are vendor neutral. We’re not into selling billable hours and we aren’t representatives for any particular vendor, thus, we are completely neutral.

CIO Services we offer;

  • Neutral vendor selection for hardware and software services
  • Data Breach preparation and guidance
  • Digital Transformation (adaptation) consulting
  • Strategic cybersecurity consulting
  • Technology / Digital strategy
  • Digital Disruption preparedness
  • Internal IT policies and procedures
  • Developing IT teams to deliver better value
  • Change management for IT teams
  • Selecting outsourced IT services (we are vendor neutral)
  • Data Governance
  • Digital Governance (yes, there’s a huge difference)
  • RFP development and vendor selection
  • Digital business models

How we invoice

We work either on a project basis or through a monthly retainer. Once a project price is agreed upon, that’s it. If the scope of work does change, we mutually agree to any changes either up or down. No sneaky billable hours. We also work on a monthly retainer, making ourselves readily available for a predetermined set of hours each month. Rates are set at a contract beginning…oh, and if you have to cancel along the way, we only ask you pay up to the date of contract cessation. No hidden balloon fees. That’s just not fair or ethical.

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